Wills and Probate

Stevenson Glassey specialises in making Wills ranging from the complicated including inheritance tax planning, to the straightforward making sure you make things easy for those who come after you and make your wishes known very clearly so that there is no room for argument, Stevenson Glassey always wish to discuss instructions to make a Will with the person making it face to face, and if you cannot come and see us, we will go out and see you in your home or if you are in hospital.

Enduring Powers of Attorney and Court Of Protection Receivership

When you make a will, it may also be a good idea to sign a Power of Attorney, so that if you remain alive but lose your mental capacity to look after your money and assets, you have chosen those of your family and friends who can step in to look after your finances in thos circumstances. If you do not sign an Enduring Power of Atterney, it will be too late if you lose mental capacity later on in life; and your assets may then have to be dealt with through the Court of Protection and the Public Guardianship Office in London. Stevenson Glassey have plenty of experience in dealing with these bodies and can advise you how to get the best out of them, but it is better to sign an Enduring Power of Atterney while you can.

Nursing Home Fees

When making your Wills or signing an Enduring Power of Attorney, we can give advice on how nursing home fees can be paid if that situation arises at some time in the future.


If there is a Will and you have been appointed an executor, what do you do? Before any distribution of assets can take place you have to "prove" the Will, obtaining the Grant of Probate from the High Court of Justice, there is a registry in Manchester where you can attend yourself to apply but the forms are not easy in all but in most estates, it is often best to have the advice of experienced solicitors like Stevenson Glassey. If there is no Will a relative or friend has to agree to act as an administrator and applies for a Grant of Letters of Administration, in the same was as a Grant of Probate of the Will. In these cases, where there is no Will, it is very usual to get the advice of an experienced solicitor before making your application to administer the estate.